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Volkswagen Golf 1.5TSi 15...
20.900 € Now: 19.990 €
BMW 420i Gran Coupé 163pk...
28.900 € Now: 27.900 €

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Jaguar XE 2.0d ...
19.900 €
83263 km
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Attention! Internet criminals are sending falsified purchase orders in name of KBC Autolease, asking you to transfer the purchase price to their own bank account instead of the bank account of KBC Autolease. Don't be mislead by this practice. Our current bank account number still remains the same. You need to pay the purchase price to the KBC account BE18 4380 1687 3165.
Looking for a recent, well maintained used car in excellent condition with warranty?

KBC Autolease Remarketing: First Class Second Life Cars.

KBC Autolease is a leading player on the Belgian vehicle-leasing market. Every month, hundreds of our vehicle-leasing contracts come to an end. The well-maintained, late-model vehicles then make their way to Londerzeel where we give them a new lease of life? Which means there's only one place to go if you're searching for a second-hand vehicle that's as good as new, our remarketing tower in Londerzeel. You'll find exactly what you're looking for at an honest price and with a guarantee! 

For private buyers and professional dealers 

A new selection of second-hand vehicles arrives every week. As a private buyer, you get first choice on a range of late-model second-hand vehicles. A second selection is then offered to professional dealers in a B2B auction.
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This makes it possible for everyone to find their ideal vehicle at an fair price.